Recording Archive

Homage to Jack Irons (Tenor) (ab.1936 – 2005)

Recordings supplied by Jack Irons from reel to reel on 1956 Elizabethan at 3.5 revs (except for recital and BBC Scottish)

Cardillac – Hindermith (1970)

a) Act II Duet Sop. Anne Pashley
b) Act II Duet Bar. John Cameron

Download MP3 here

Wigmore Hall (1975)

Recital of young British Composers
Lewis Jones – Thos. Hardy Songs
Piano – Valda Plucknett

Kent Opera Production of ‘Return of Ulysses’ – Monteverdi (1980)

Act III Monologue (Irus)
Cond. Norrington

Two Songs from Les Illuminations (Britten) (1965)

BBC Scottish (Loughran)

Recital at College of Education (ab. 1973)

a) Gesang Weyla’s – Wolf
b) Lebewohl – Wolf
c) Questa o quella – Verdi


One thought on “Recording Archive

  1. Thank you David for this wonderful collection of recordings. How kind of you to share them. I thought they were lost!

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